OMCO Solar is a division of OMCO Holdings, the largest custom roll former in the United States. OMCO has been producing highly engineered shapes for a wide range of industries since 1955.

Established in 2009, OMCO Solar is dedicated to expanding the solar industry by producing custom mounting structures for commercial and utility solar applications. The company developed the first steel fabrication especially for the solar utility market and has been assisting in innovations for solar panel design and construction since its inception.

Our Growth

What began as one sales office in Las Vegas, NV has expanded into over 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space with more than 800 employees in Phoenix, AZ. OMCO Solar has grown because of its dedication to quality and on time delivery. Every part is produced to your exact specifications. Our quality inspection processes are extensive and assure that every part is checked thoroughly for any aberrations. Deadlines are adhered to without exception.

Our Services

OMCO Solar’s services before and after the part is formed set us apart. Before the part is formed, our engineering professionals work with you to understand your needs and suggest ways to save time and costs. Fast prototyping is essential to the success of a project, and OMCO Solar employs seasoned tool and die engineers to make your drawings a reality.

In-line processes include fastener insertion and high-volume assembly capabilities that take significant costs out of the installation. To ensure your products arrive safely on the jobsite, OMCO Solar provides custom packaging. Whether you are shipping fragile glass and mirror assemblies or heavy bundled parts of steel, we will get it to you on time in the same condition that it was when it left our facility.

To facilitate additional in-house assembly and to meet a growing need for stamping, OMCO Solar also owns and operates four 200-ton stamping presses.