15 Reasons to Choose OMCO Solar for Your Next Project

15 Reasons to Choose OMCO Solar for Your Next Project

While we were already a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 was still far from normal. As with many companies, OMCO Solar faced challenges but ultimately achieved some exciting accomplishments. While maintaining our No.1 priority of staying safe and healthy, we came through for our customers and completed some impressive milestones.

Here’s a closer look at our highlights from last year, providing 15 reasons to choose us as your trusted racking and tracking partner in 2022:

  1. More than 9GW of factory-direct, high-quality solar mounting structures delivered since 2008
  2. 1GW of OMCO Solar products delivered throughout the last 12 months
  3. 35% year-over-year growth from 2020
  4. OMCO Origin Bifacial Factory-Direct Tracker successfully launched featuring a 2-in-landscape design and unique open back side for optimal energy production
  5. 65 years of manufacturing experience and more than $120M in assets, including $5M of new manufacturing equipment investments
  6. Projects in 30 states (and counting)
  7. Four patents awarded — three for tracking and one for fixed-tilt mounting structures
  8. Over 100 projects delivered in 2021
  9. Nationwide U.S. manufacturing footprint with four strategic locations, ensuring the shortest lead times in the industry
  10. 650+MW of utility-scale solar projects delivered in partnership with Moss:
    • OMCO Choice Factory-Direct Mounting Systems
    • Largest portfolio in company history
    • Among the largest U.S. fixed-tilt projects
  1. Domestically sourced supply chain for on-time delivery despite global challenges around the pandemic and supply chains
  2. Ground screw currently nationally available for fixed-tilt projects, and for trackers in Q1 2022
  3. Award-winning projects:
    • Unique paw and bone shaped array for Illinois’ Pedigree Ovens
    • Array donated for New Jersey’s Flemington Area Food Pantry
  1. Substantial market share in the distributed generation tracker market leveraging our factory-direct model
  2. Featured in Wood Mackenzie’s Global PV Tracker Market report as a leading solar mounting provider

We are fortunate to have seen such successes amidst a global crisis. With our expert team, partners, technology and bankability, we are confident that we will continue to adapt to the changing solar market and grow as the world tries to get back on track in this new year.

Contact us today to learn more about why you should work with OMCO Solar for your next project.

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