OMCO Origin Factory-Direct Trackers
Offer More Layout Options

OMCO Origin Tracker:

87 trackers
7,176 modules

  • 30% fewer controllers, drive
    and motors
  • Reduced tracker cost, installation cost,
    commissioning cost, and O&M cost
  • Fewer spare parts

Typical Tracker Layout:

123 trackers
7,176 modules

Fewer Trackers per MW

OMCO Origin Trackers are available in any length row, up to 120 modules per tracker. Unlike competitors, who are limited to a maximum of 90 modules per tracker, Origin systems can have fewer controllers and fewer drives and motors which translates to lower initial costs, lower OEM costs and fewer spare parts.

Origin Factory-Direct Trackers

Why 120 Modules Per Tracker? Here are 4 Key Reasons

Fewer Controllers per MW

  • Lower Installation Cost
  • Lower Commissioning Cost
  • Fewer Spare Parts
  • Lower O&M

Fewer Drives and Motors

  • Lower Installation Cost
  • Fewer Spare Parts
  • Lower O&M

Higher Ground Coverage Ratio

  • Lower Land Cost per MW
  • Less Cabling and Trenching

Simpler DC Collections

  • Reduced Installation Cost
360 watts per module90 modules120 modules
Controllers per MW3223
Drives per MW3223
Motors per MW3223

6 Strings of 20

4 Strings of 30

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