Solar Modules Slide and Stay, Speeding Up Installation; Lowest Total Installed Cost for Community Scale/Commercial and Industrial Projects

Omco Solar’s FIELD-FAST™ Slide And Stay Fixed Tilt Mounting System employs pre-assembled components, “no-crane” assembly and a Slide and Stay design that provides a safer, faster and more cost-efficient alternative for many mid-to-small ground mount projects. When the total cost of both materials and labor is recognized, developers have discovered the FIELD-FAST system provides distinct advantages.

Slide and Stay Modules:

  • Allows simple, two-person installation that improves safety by utilizing no overhead lifting.
  • The rail is designed to hold modules during installation through proprietary, integrated locating/spacing features.
  • Engineered tabs allow for improved safety and rapid module installation.
  • Emboss on rail ensures optimal orientation for any framed module.

Reverse Clip Install

  • Eliminates the need for any lifting equipment, allows all work to be completed at ground level and consolidates tooling requirements.
  • Increases speed of installation, improves overall safety and reduces on-site labor needs.
  1. Raised clamp arrives pre-installed on the rails.
  2. This process will secure the module and ground the system.
  3. Set drill to reverse, take up to the bolt and drill to quickly bring down the clamp and secure the module.

Row Pitch Capabilities

  1. Simplifies installation on uneven terrain
  2. Maximizes linear articulation
  3. Utilizes a single-point connection

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