OMCO Solar’s Clean Energy Vision

OMCO Solar’s Clean Energy Vision

As we look back on spring and head into summer, we wanted to take a moment to recognize the importance of Earth Day and our collective responsibility to greening our planet.Earth Day recognition began in 1970 and is celebrated on April 22nd in more than 190 countries, engaging an estimated 1 billion individuals every year. Earth Day began as a means of drawing attention to the planet’s clean natural resources. However, today, the day is a means of raising awareness about global climate change as well as promoting clean energy. expresses that Earth Day “…is widely recognized as the largest secular observance in the world…” The day brings recognition to environmental issues locally as well as awareness on a global level.

Reaching our national climate change goals will require a huge increase in renewable energy. As a clean energy leader, OMCO Solar has a responsibility to work with our developers to assist in making these goals a reality. We are committed to supporting solar by providing cost-effective, reliable racking and tracker solutions to help meet our country’s sustainability goals. Our employees are dedicated to contributing to something larger than themselves: a better Earth for current and future generations.

Carbon-free energy is only the start to achieve a zero-emission nation. Big change requires big ideas. 100% clean energy goals set by 17 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico is very promising. However, realizing them will require identifying realistic timelines and targets, listening, and always looking for a way to advance the clean energy sector.

The Biden administration has set some ambitious goals such as achieving zero emissions by 2050; in addition, it is encouraging to see businesses establish targets for their carbon reduction. For example, GM is ramping up manufacturing electric vehicles in the years to come. The company states, “GM is on its way to an all-electric future, with a commitment to 30 new global electric vehicles by 2025.”

It is our hope that one day non-renewables will no longer be needed. Solar energy already has created a massive positive impact on the reduction of carbon emissions by eliminating 110 million metric tons each year. With time, drive, ideas, and realistic measures, we can achieve this vision.  As we work to achieve these goals, the environment will continue to benefit. Let’s all be a part of the clean energy future.

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