Factory-Direct Trackers

OMCO Origin Factory-Direct Trackers are designed for quick, easy and safe installation, and fewer trackers per MW. That means fewer controllers and motors per MW, which equates to lower tracker cost, lower commissioning cost, and lower operations and maintenance costs.

We offer full-scale support, including geotechnical, structural, installation and commissioning.

Our design is rooted in more than 9 GW of solar experience. With decades of strong financial performance and intellectual property related to bearings, module mount designs, and bifacial trackers, OMCO Solar is solid and bankable.

Labor-Saving Bearing

  • Factory preassembled
  • Adjustable to compensate for post and terrain issues
  • Low friction and long wear life

Unique Bearing Solves Post Misalignment Problems,
Avoiding Removal or Re-Installation of Poorly-Placed Posts

The OMCO Origin patented bearing features a unique problem-solving design that can eliminate major costs and delays due to poor post placement. The bearing adjusts 7 ways to accommodate post misalignment without requiring an expensive post re-install.

OMCO Origin bearings are pre-assembled at the factory and shipped to the field as a single unit, in a “nominal” position with all adjustment features in the middle ranges.

Balanced Design
Axis of rotation at the center of mass of the table – more accurate targeting and reduced energy consumption

Factory Preassembled
Supplied as a single unit, pre-assembled at OMCO

Solar-Proven Materials
Made of cast aluminum and galvanized steel, with high-strength, self-lubricating Delrin

Long Wear Life
Tested to more than 40 years equivalent life

7 Dimensions of Adjustment
To accommodate post misalignment

OMCO Origin Bifacial Trackers

Open On The Back

  • Optimized for bifacial modules
  • Highest back side production
  • Most uniform back side irradiance – critical for long cell life
  • Preassembled module frame – folds to ship
  • Highest ratio of tracker height to chord

Highest Back Side Production

  • Optimized for bifacial with a 2-in-landscape design
  • No structure behind the module
  • Lets in more light
  • More energy production than 1-in-portrait or
    2-in-portrait trackers

Preassembled Module Frame

  • Factory preassembled – saves installation labor
  • Folds for shipping
  • Fasten from below – no ladders – quick and safe to install
  • Fasteners already in place

OMCO Origin Bifacial Trackers
vs. 1-in-portrait trackers

  • Higher back side production
  • Better back side uniformity
  • Same low torque tube height
  • Easy installation OMCO Origin trackers are known for

OMCO Origin Bifacial Trackers
vs. 2-in-portrait trackers

  • Greater back side production – to get similar performance a 2-in-portrait tracker must be more than 12 feet high.
  • Lower tracker cost
  • Lower torque tube height
  • Easier installation – no ladders

OMCO Origin Monofacial Trackers

Fast, Universal Module Mount

  • Factory preassembled
  • Universal clamp All frame heights All module widths
solar tracker frame height

Any frame height from 25 mm to 50 mm

Fast, Easy and Safe Installation

OMCO Solar’s patent-pending Universal Module Mount rapidly and easily secures adjacent modules to the Origin Tracker with just 2 bolts.

Bolts can be tightened from below the torque tube, so ladders are not needed, and installation is fast and safe.

Universal Design

OMCO’s monofacial module mount can handle frames from 25 mm to 50 mm high. Brackets can be put on the torque tube at any spacing, accommodating modules up to 1.3 meter (51 inches) wide.

Together, these capabilities allow the OMCO Origin Tracker to utilize standard production parts to mount all common framed crystalline silicon modules along with First Solar’s Series 6 modules, eliminating the need for custom orders and the associated project delays.

Fasten from below – no ladders or leaning – fast and safe.

US Patent Number 10,944,354.

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