OMCO ORIGIN™ Factory-Direct Trackers:
Versatile, Universal and with Higher Ground Coverage Ratio

OMCO ORIGIN Trackers represent the latest combination of design innovation and factory-direct production efficiencies. The result is a solar module mounting system that offers many proven operational benefits as well as economic value that can only be realized when dealing directly with the fabricator.

OMCO Solar’s Universal Module Mount

solar tracker frame height

Any Frame Height from 25 mm to 50 mm

Fast & Easy Installation

OMCO Solar’s patent-pending Universal Module Mount rapidly secures adjacent modules to the ORIGIN Tracker easily with just 2 bolts.  

Bolts can be tightened from below the torque tube thus eliminating the need for ladders making the installation process safer and faster.

universal module for tracker

Any Module Width Up to 1.3 Meters

Universal Design

OMCO’s clamp and bolt design can handle solar module frames from 25 mm to 50 mm tall.

Module bracket can be attached to the ORIGIN torque tube at any spacing, accommodating any module up to 1.3 meters (51 inches) wide.

Together, these capabilities allow the OMCO ORIGIN Tracker to utilize standard production parts to mount all common crystalline silicon modules along with First Solar’s Series 6 modules, eliminating the need for custom orders and the associated project delays.

ORIGIN also has the ability to accommodate bifacial modules by using an optimized module mount.

Last-minute module selection or changes due to module availability are not an issue.

Fewer Trackers Per MW

The OMCO ORIGIN Tracker design allows for longer rows; up to 120 modules long.
This allows the site designer to minimize the number of trackers thus reducing the capital cost of the project.

-Fewer controllers, drives and motors provide lower initial investment, lower O&M cost, and fewer spare parts.

typical solar tracker configuration

Typical Tracker Layout

  • Shorter trackers
  • 30% more trackers
  • Narrow aisles
Origin Solar Tracker configuration


  • Long and short trackers
  • Fewer trackers = lower total cost
  • Wide aisles

OMCO Origin Tracker Advantages

  • Long Rows

  • No gaps over posts

  • Minimal gaps between modules

  • Minimal gaps at row ends

OMCO Origin Factory-Direct Trackers: Up to 5% Less Land Per MW

solar tracker layout

Compared to Single-row Competitor

competitor solar tracker layoutsolar tracker system specifications

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