Partners of CHOICE

Partners of CHOICE

With enhanced flexibility and logistical benefits, backed by superior customer service and industry/manufacturing expertise, OMCO Solar’s CHOICE Factory-Direct Mounting System is helping installers bring more clean energy into the Northeast.

We spoke with some of our installer partners to share how and where they’ve used the CHOICE system and why OMCO Solar was the right manufacturer for them.

Sunstall: Helge Biernath, President and CEO

What were some notable projects Sunstall and OMCO Solar worked on together?

Our first project was on a 1.5-MW solar project back in 2018. It was a huge success for both companies and for our end-customer. We went on to install more than 30 MW of clean solar energy together, spanning 25 project sites that ranged from dairy farms to food and beverage facilities to retail power entities.

What do you feel are some benefits to OMCO Solar’s CHOICE?

OMCO Solar’s CHOICE components are pre-assembled for fast and safe installation, which reduces overall costs, cuts down on build-time, and expedites project timelines. CHOICE is effectively and smartly designed, which is why it is well-known and highly competitive.

How is the partnership with OMCO Solar advantageous to Sunstall?

We understand what it takes to make a partnership work and OMCO Solar does too. We appreciate the value of partnering with such a driven and determined team, and we think both companies complement each other well. The partnership helps both of us expand our clean energy leadership, technology excellence and geographic reach, while simultaneously benefitting the renewables sector as a whole.

Renovus Solar
: Travis Johnson, Vice President of Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Why did you select OMCO Solar as your partner?

While we looked at several racking providers, OMCO Solar offered a low-cost solution while still maintaining a high-quality product. Also, OMCO Solar’s Ohio corporate headquarters and manufacturing location helps us save on freight costs and better estimate shipment arrivals at our Northeast projects. Finally, the OMCO Solar team was very willing to adapt their product and process to fit our project-specific needs.

What types of projects have you worked on together?

We used OMCO Solar’s mounting system in a project for the Maine-Endwell school district that we completed in late March. The 4-MW project uses Chint Power Systems inverters and Trina solar modules and is currently the largest installation owned by a school district in New York State to reach 100% solar offset. We’ve also built several other fixed-tilt projects that range from a few hundred kilowatts up. We use OMCO Solar products in the residential projects as well because they allow us to purchase in bulk and pass those savings onto customers.

What are the benefits of OMCO Solar’s CHOICE from your perspective?

All of our projects have used OMCO Solar’s CHOICE Direct-Bolt Mounting System because of its ease of use, long-term reliability and extremely competitive industry pricing. This allows us to be aggressive when we’re bidding against other companies.

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