Project Description

Field Fast Solar Racking Installation in sub-zero temperatures
Field Fast Solar Racking Installation in Minnesota winter
Preparing Field Fast Solar Racking for installation

Frozen! High Snow Loads and Frost Heave are No Match for OMCO Field-Fast™ Mounting System

Customer:Faith Technologies, Inc.
Project Name:Erhard Minnesota Project
Location:Erhard, MN
Size:500 KW
OMCO System:FIELD-FAST™ Mounting System

North Central Minnesota is no place for a wimpy solar racking system — lots of snow and soil frozen to a depth of 8 feet can challenge many racks. Fortunately, the OMCO Field-Fast™ system can stand up to difficult conditions. Our racks are easily adjustable to accommodate frost heave and are stout enough to handle snow and wind. (Yes, that is a wind power installation adjacent to our racks!)