Series 4 Tracking

Series 4 Tracker Interface

Lowers Cost, Simplifies Installation.

Pre-assembled structure arrives fully assembled at the job site: This includes, structural components, module clips, threaded hardware, and rubber inserts. A single carriage bolt fixes the rails to the tracker torque tube.

Module installation: Rubber pad is placed on pre-installed threaded fasteners (two per rail), modules are set in place by a single installer. Plus, the tracker is rotated for an easy install.

Fast-Clamp Installation: Two pre-assembled module clips (with the bolts already retained inside) are used to secure the module. MIB contains the threads for the clip, which allows an installer to work independently and above the rack safely.

Series 4 Fixed-Tilt Mounting System

Improves Safety and Installation Speed while Lowering Overall Cost

Tables arrive fully assembled at the job site: Preassembled components include pre-threaded hardware, installed module clips with rubber inserts and factory assembled structure. Utilizes a single-piece tilt bracket design, making it simple to connect. A single clip secures the entire table to the tilt bracket at four locations.

Module installation: A fast clamp rubber pad is placed on the pre-installed threaded fasteners, modules are easily set in place.

Fast-Clamp Installation: Module clip arrives to the site with the bolt already retained inside the clip(system also contains the threads for the clip.) This allows an installer to work independently, safely above the rack. Only two clips are required for properly assembly.

Series 4 Custom Module Rails

Let the most experienced custom racking manufacture make your customized length rails

Lower Cost and First Solar-Approved: OMCO is the most experienced manufacturer of First Solar-designed products in the industry. That’s what makes OMCO the best choice for all Series 4 Module needs.

Readily Available: Automated tooling shortens lead-time and value-engineering support from OMCO Solar allows the customer to design all custom assemblies fast.

Available at Four, U.S. OMCO Locations: To reduce freight costs and simplify logistics.

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