OMCO Solar Services

Engineering & Support: Project Management

OMCO Solar’s revolutionary OEM racking systems are delivered with best in class services to fully support your project needs, including:

  • Geotechnical and pile testing services
  • Structural design and drawings
  • Engineering stamping in all 50 states
  • Multiple pile profiles and foundation solutions to adapt to site specific surface and soil conditions
  • Turnkey services, including pile, rack, and module installation
  • Direct communication with OMCO engineers with system and project-specific expertise
  • Prompt response time and direct communication with dedicated OMCO project management
  • Hands-on training for you and/or your subcontractors
Turnkey Capabilities: A Simplified Racking Solution

Omco Solar provides fast and efficient delivery of a completed racking solution while minimizing transaction costs and construction delays associated with multiple contracts typical to conventional contracting methods.

Our contracting model streamlines the process, eliminating the multiple subcontracts typically experienced in the industry.

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