The Power of Partnerships


Sunstall, based in Novato, California, offers extensive knowledge and exceptional services for a wide variety of commercial and utility scale projects. Their team of skilled specialists have installed more than 400 MW of ground-mount arrays from leading manufacturers in the last 10 years in more than 20 states. As solar pile driving experts, they provide effective and efficient ramming services. Experienced in execution, management, and coordination of solar construction, Sunstall guarantees the success of its customer’s projects.

Sunstall is passionate about contributing to a world powered by clean, risk free, sustainable energy from the sun. They aim to accelerate the adoption of new technologies and products that contribute to and enable the transition towards a renewable future.

A Power Partnership Begins

In 2018, Sunstall and OMCO Solar connected on LinkedIn. In early 2019, Eric Goodwin, Director of Business Development for OMCO Solar and Ryan O’Keefe, Western Region Sales Manager for OMCO Solar met Sunstall’s President and CEO, Helge Biernath in person. During that meeting, Biernath offered suggestions on product design, and Sunstall was invited to quote as OMCO’s select partner on a portfolio of projects in California. Both vendors aligned on business strategies and approach – crucial to developing the partnership which then began to truly flourish.

The first 1.5 MW solar project was a huge success for both companies and the end-customer. OMCO and Sunstall went on to install over 30 MW of clean solar energy together, spanning 25 project sites that ranged from dairy farms to food and beverage facilities to retail power entities.

Partnerships work best when both parties listen to each other, align in a common direction, and focus on the end goal: 100% customer satisfaction.

Eric Goodwin
Director of Business Development,
OMCO Solar

President and CEO of Sunstall, Helge Biernath and Director of Business Development at OMCO Solar, Eric Goodwin, each expressed strong support for the power of partnerships:

“We put our warranty, our reputation and our bankability behind every project we undertake; like Sunstall, we both run our businesses very diligently and very disciplined from that standpoint,” stated Goodwin.

Biernath remarked: “OMCO Solar’s pre-assembled product line components are designed for fast and safe installation, which reduces overall costs, cuts down on build-time, and expedites project timelines. All of OMCO Solar’s product lines are effectively and smartly designed, which is why their offerings are well-known and highly competitive.”

Out of the 25 projects completed, OMCO Solar’s Field-Fast™ Slide And Stay Fixed Tilt Mounting System was installed at three sites, their OMCO Origin™ Factory-Direct Trackers were installed at four sites and the OMCO Choice™ Factory-Direct Mounting System was installed at 18 sites. In addition, 16 more projects are in the queue. In total, the combined past, current and future projects will produce more than 55 MW of cumulative solar power, enough clean electricity to power 14,985 California homes, according to SEIA’s MW Analysis.

“We understand what it takes to make a partnership work – communicating, adapting, executing, debriefing, repeating – and OMCO Solar does too. We appreciate the value of partnering with such a driven and determined team, and we think both companies complement each other well,” Biernath expressed.


With more projects on the way, the partnership continues to grow. Each partner helps each other expand their energy leadership, technology excellence and geographic reach, while simultaneously benefitting the clean energy sector as a whole. Goodwin concluded, “Partnerships work best when both parties listen to each other, align in a common direction, and focus on the end goal: 100% customer satisfaction. We think OMCO Solar and Sunstall are textbook examples of how this should work. Our synergistic partnership benefits our respective companies, the industry and our clean energy future. It’s a win-win all around!”
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