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One Contact: A Simplified Racking Solution

Omco Solar provides fast and efficient delivery of a completed racking solution while minimizing transaction costs and construction delays associated with multiple contracts typical to conventional contracting methods.

Our contracting model streamlines the process, eliminating the multiple subcontracts typically experienced in the industry.

Conventional Contracting Model

  • Foundation Design
  • Geotechnical Risk Agreement
  • Pile Refusal Solutions
In-House or 3rd Party Subcontract #1
  • Pile Survey
3rd Party Subcontract #2
  • Logistics Schedule
  • Taking Delivery
  • QA/QC of Delivered Material(s)
  • Material Handling in Field
In-House or 3rd Party Subcontract #3
  • Pile Installation
3rd Party Subcontract #4
  • Racking Installation
  • Module Installation
3rd Party Subcontract #5
  • Mechanical Construction Schedule
  • Mechanical Construction Coordination
Coordination between Surveyor, Logistics, Material Supply & Handling and Installation Labor
  • Field Concerns/Changes in Schedule
  • Field Concerns/Changes in Design
Coordination between Material Supply and/or Installation Labor
  • QA/QC of Mechanical Construction
  • Final Walk-Through
Coordination between Material Supply and/or Installation Labor


OMCO Solar Contracting Model

OMCO Solar takes responsibility for the site from Day 1 and delivers the site on schedule

Contact Info

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Phone: 602-352-2700

Web: https://www.omcosolar.com