Unique Bearing Solves Post Misalignment Problems,
Avoiding Removal or Re-Installation of Poorly-Placed Posts

The OMCO ORIGIN™ bearing (patent pending) features a unique problem-solving design that can eliminate major costs and delays due to poor post placement. The bearing adjusts 8 ways to accommodate post misalignment without requiring an expensive post re-install.
OMCO ORIGIN Bearings are pre-assembled at the factory and shipped to the field as a single unit, in a “nominal” position with all adjustment features in the middle ranges.
solar tracker rendering
  • Balanced design
    • Axis of rotation at the center of mass of the table
  • Supplied as a single unit, pre-assembled at OMCO
  • Solar-proven materials
    • Cast aluminum
    • Galvanized steel
    • Wear surface — Delrin — self lubricating
  • Tested to >35 years
  • 8 dimensions of adjustment

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