Forklift Driver


The primary responsibility of this position to move completed products and raw material from/to the lines from/to designated areas. The completed products and/or materials must be carefully placed and stacked in designated area accurately and free of damage, including interior and exterior of building or loaded onto trucks. Must also move & unload delivered pallets and carefully place in designated areas.

Shift is Monday – Thursday, 4:00am – 2:30pm


  • Maintains the standard flow of materials according to specified routes whether in receiving, in process or shipping.
  • Performs the daily safety check sheets and reports findings of unsafe conditions or routine maintenance needed.
  • Handles scrap disposition and reports in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Moves pallets from the line with a forklift and places them in designated areas for additional work or to be loaded.
  • Loads and unloads trucks and trailers using proper documentation.
  • Operates the forklift in a safe and responsible manner as to not jeopardize equipment, product or employees.
  • Performs accurate inventory counts.
  • Maintains a clean, neat and orderly work area, including the forklift.
  • Follows guidance from supervisor and assumes other duties and responsibilities required or assigned by management.


  • Must become licensed by OMCO’s Forklift Trainer.
  • Must have the ability to count product and complete simple paperwork. Basic math and writing skills; able to read and heed warning labels.
  • Good understanding of the manufacturing flow.
  • Good understanding of pull systems and buffer management.
  • Must have a good sense of urgency and accuracy.

Reach out to Ivan Contreras– HR Manager – for submittals and questions.

Working at OMCO Solar

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