Moss Solar Case Study


Largest racking portfolio in OMCO Solar’s history!

Moss is well-known for their construction expertise and ability to resolve complicated problems with innovative solutions. Likewise, OMCO Solar’s excellent reputation is based on their manufacturing competency and capacity to meet project deadlines. With six strategically located U.S. plants, OMCO Solar maintains the shortest lead times in the industry. So, when a major Florida utility selected Moss for a large solar portfolio, Moss knew they could depend on OMCO Solar to deliver high-quality mounting products and stay on schedule.

OMCO Solar provided the programmatic approach Moss was looking for, while offering the best cost-value ratio. Even through obstacles such as supply chain issues and rising steel costs, OMCO Solar was able to meet project deadlines, customize designs, and adjust on the fly when needed. Together, Moss and OMCO Solar successfully completed six large projects for the utility during a global pandemic.‍

As a national company headquartered in Florida and one of the largest solar EPC’s in the U.S., Moss is passionate about giving back to the communities where it builds nationwide. The Moss team is proud to know that these six solar plants they constructed provide enough clean energy to power close to 100,000 homes. In addition, OMCO Solar was excited to deliver over 650 MW of their OMCO Choice™ product – the largest racking portfolio in the company’s history – as well as offer more value for their partner. OMCO’s team enjoyed working with Moss; both companies have a similar culture of striving for continuous improvement.

Moss and OMCO Solar are excited about our nation’s clean energy future and for future opportunities to grow together.


650 MW DC


Southern FL

Project Sites

6 sites
450-550 acres

Total Solar Panels

1.85 Million
Solar Panels

OMCO Solution

OMCO Choice
Factory-Direct Mounting System

“What I like about OMCO Solar is that they lived up to their word; they made a commitment to us, and they executed on that commitment. Even with challenges, they were open and honest and we worked together as a team to solve them.“

-Edwin Perkins, President at Moss