OMCO Solar Launches OMCO Connect Solar Partnerships Initiative in Key States, Hosts Arizona Manufacturing Plant Tour for Local Legislators

March 20, 2023

Gary Schuster, President and CEO of OMCO Holdings and SEIA Board Member, announces OMCO Solar initiative to speed solar adoption and boost domestic employment opportunities

PHOENIX, AZ – March 20, 2023 – Gary Schuster, president and CEO of OMCO Holdings and SEIA board member, announced OMCO Solar’s new 2023 initiative to advance solar-friendly partnerships and promote domestic job creation. OMCO Connect Solar Partnerships will focus efforts initially on Alabama, Arizona, Indiana and Ohio – the key states in which OMCO Solar’s manufacturing facilities are located. The company’s initiative kicked off in Phoenix with a hosted tour of its world-class manufacturing plant for local legislators in February.

“Overall, clean energy is one of the fastest-growing employment sectors in the U.S.; thanks to the passage of the IRA, we will see over 9 million jobs created in clean energy and climate-related fields over the coming decade. Our OMCO Connect Solar Partnerships initiative was in response to a clear market need to promote solar adoption and jobs – specifically in key states where we maintain manufacturing facilities and can be the most impactful,” remarked Gary Schuster, president and CEO of OMCO Holdings. “As a premier American manufacturer of solar trackers and fixed tilt solutions, we are passionate about promoting solar-friendly partnerships and policies, which will lead to new opportunities and the expansion of our domestic workforce.”

To introduce the initiative, OMCO Solar partnered with Arizona Solar Energy Industries Association (AriSEIA) and Policy 48 to host Arizona legislators on February 10, 2023. The morning began with a hosted tour of OMCO Solar’s premier Phoenix-based manufacturing facility, followed by a continental breakfast and discussion regarding clean energy policies, projects and jobs in Arizona. Attending legislators included Senator Kerr and Senator Sundareshan; Representative Aguilar, Representative Gress, Representative Terech and Representative Travers; Commissioner Myers and Commissioner Peterson; Staff of Commissioner Thompson; and Phoenix Vice Mayor Ansa.

During the hosted tour, Eric Goodwin, director of business development for OMCO Solar remarked, “We are proud of our hard-working team and our ‘Made in America’ legacy, which is grounded in over 65 years of domestic manufacturing experience. In 15 years of manufacturing our factory-direct solar trackers and fixed-tilt solutions, we have never once had to reduce full-time staff.”

Today, OMCO Solar’s footprint spans more than 500,000 square feet and 7 GW annually of true U.S. manufacturing capacity across the company’s Alabama, Arizona, Indiana and Ohio plants. With the company’s factory-direct model and domestically sourced supply chain, OMCO Solar consistently delivers quality solar mounting solutions with the shortest lead times in the industry.

About OMCO Solar
OMCO Solar is America’s premier factory-direct manufacturer of solar trackers and fixed-tilt solutions for distributed generation and utility-scale projects. The company’s expertise in fixed-tilt and single-axis tracker systems stems from decades of steel manufacturing, beginning in 1955 when OMCO Holdings, its parent company, was founded. To date, OMCO Solar has delivered 10.5 GW of its factory-direct, high-quality solar mounting structures nationwide. With a manufacturing footprint spanning coast-to-coast, the company delivers their American-made solar structures built from 100% US steel to developers across the country. For more information, please visit OMCO Solar at


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