Project Description

Strata Solar Utility scale solar racking installation
Strata Solar utility scale solar racking installation on uneven ground
Strata Solar solar racking
installing solar racking for Strata Solar
Installed Utility Scale Solar Racking

OMCO Solar and Strata Solar Complete a 6.655 MW System in the Pottery Capital of the United States

Customer:Strata Solar
Project Name:Seagrove
Location:Seagrove, NC
Size:6.655 MW
OMCO System:FIELD-FAST™ Mounting System

This utility-scale solar project combined the strengths of OMCO Solar and Strata Solar to complete a 6.655 MW system in the pottery capital of the United States. The Seagrove project was a success due to OMCO Solar’s manufacturing proficiency, the time-saving module installation feature on Field-FastSlide And Stay Fixed Tilt Mounting System racking, and the installation expertise of Strata Solar.